South Tabor December 2012

By Ute Munger and Ben Olsen


The November meeting featured neighbors showing great interest in solving safety problems on SE Division, especially between 52nd and 82nd Avenues.

Pedestrian crossing problems and cars needing to turn into or off Division have been noted since 1972. With renewed and persistent energy spearheaded by South Tabor resident Mary Louise Ott, PBOT was contacted and sent representatives to attend outreach and discussion meetings, hosted by Warner Pacific College in March, September and November of this year.

The result of these meetings is a proposal for a three lane street, one lane in each direction, a center turn lane, and bicycle lanes on each side. City requirements stipulate bike lanes be included because SE Division is designated as a bike route. The center lanes will offer easier turning off/onto Division as well as include islands to afford a safe place for  pedestrians to cross the street. PBOT would like to apply for a grant to start the process and the STNA is planning to send a letter of support to PBOT. The next step would be to begin the design with the end goal to make the street work well for as many people as possible.

Groundbreaking has taken place in November for an immense expansion of PCC at the SE 82nd campus and increased traffic in the future is to be expected. Long time landmark the Legin restaurant (empty, fenced off ) and the German Altenheim is occupied and used for PCC’s administrative purposes. The adjoining Kaiser Permanente facility will fall to the wrecking ball.

The regular police officer of the SE division was present and said there was a serial robber in the SE Portland area.

He emphasized when away from home, leave lights on in the house, possibly on timers, to give the appearance that someone is present. Trim overgrown vegetation away from your house. It gives neighbors an opportunity to observe uninvited strangers. Motion lights at strategic places on the house are a bonus. It is advised to put your packages in the trunk or out of sight and move your car before returning to the mall for continued shopping.

The SE precinct on SE 47th and E. Burnside is operating with their day shift only – it’s a slow process to get back to full time occupation.

At this time of holidays, presents and good wishes, the STNA expresses thanks to the Trinity Fellowship church for their continued generosity supplying a monthly meeting place and a storage space for STNA belongings. Your continued warm and neighborly outreach is greatly appreciated!

Best wishes to all of our residents, their families and neighboring communities for a joyous holiday season and a peaceful, healthy and successful 2013!

South Tabor December 2012

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