Neighborhood Notes Richmond Dec 2013


By Heather Flint Chatto


The Richmond Neighborhood Association held its monthly meeting on November 11, 2013 at Waverly Heights Church at SE 33rd and Woodward St.  RNA meetings are held in the church basement; enter from the east-side door.  The RNA’s website is

Mark Zahner, a neighbor living on SE 34th Ave between Division and Clinton, requested the RNA to send a letter to Commissioner Novick’s office stating that neighbors have concerns about safety over the street and requesting the city to study that block to assess and address safety issues.   In previous meetings, Zahner outlined proposed changes to 34th, between Division and Clinton:  change it to 1-way traffic, north bound; remove parking on west side of street and replace with south bound bike lane; and install No-Trucks signage.  Community members expressed concern over illegal parking next to the Sen Yai parking lot, near accidents, and whether the proposed changes would allow cars to speed down the street, so further study by the City was requested. The RNA did not take a position on any of the proposed changes but voted to send the letter presented by Zahner

Also discussed was a new development proposed for 4008 SE Division. Gary Harthill, the project architect, presented the three-story, 10-unit residential multi-dwelling development. The project site is adjacent to two single family residences and, as proposed, features modern architecture, balconies and units ranging from 300-800 s.f. in size. Remmington Development is the contractor and construction is planned to break ground in January.

“Town Center” designation for Belmont-Hawthorne-Division? On October 14, the Buckman Neighborhood Association hosted a Comprehensive Plan Update meeting to discuss the current stage of the draft Plan and to provide an overview of the city’s new online mapping tool. The Comp Plan Update is at a critical stage for the community to participate and give input to the southeast neighborhood’s future design and long range plans. The Plan designates areas for targeted infrastructure and improvement, with differences between  “Neighborhood Centers” and “Town Centers.”  The Hawthorne/Belmont/Division area is designated as a “Town Center,” rather than a “Neighborhood Center”. This focus on corridors and town centers sets the direction for the future of land use and character of the area over the next 25 years.

City staff presented the new interactive Comp Plan Map App:  which allows the public to add comments on basic issues as well as the urban design framework and key infrastructure projects.  The Map App allows the public to give comments and to view comments from others as well.

Comment on the Comprehensive Plan: Add your comments about the Comprehensive Plan maps and plans, designated corridors and locations of town centers including the “Town Center” designation proposed for the Hawthorne/Belmont/Division area. To view the maps and the Comp Plan Summary, visit: To Read the Citywide Systems Plan and learn more about Portland’s infrastructure systems and project list:

Design Issues: Neighbors are encouraged to participate in the December 9 RNA meeting where we will discuss the idea of a neighborhood center, the Division Main Street/Green Street Plan, design issues related to new commercial and residential developments, and our neighborhoods new growth overall.

The next RNA meeting will be Monday, December 9, 2013, 7-9pm at Waverly Heights Church.

Neighborhood Notes Richmond Dec 2013

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