Cuéntame Coyote is the tale of two cousins ready to risk everything they have to make their dreams come true, to venture beyond the iron fence that marks la frontera as many others have tried before.

Photo by Russell J. Young

Photo by Russell J. Young

Sacred traditions merge with migrant tales of the dangers of the desert: dehydration, poisonous creatures and a relentless climate. Hardship and hope fuel their journey in this performance, written after a research trip by Dañel Malán to the Tohono O’odham reservation in Arizona. It is presented January 9 – 25 at Miracle Theatre, 525 SE Stark St.

The Sonoran Desert is the setting of the play and one of the largest and hottest deserts in North America. In its vastness, humans, animals, insects and plants fight harsh conditions year round to grow and flourish. It is home to more than  60 mammal species, 350 bird species, 20 amphibian species, over 100 reptile species, over 1000 native bee species, more than 2000 native plant species and even 30 species of native fish.

One of these species is Coyote, also the name of one known both as “the wise one” and the wily trickster. This performance tells a tale of Coyotes with two and four legs.

Tickets are $15 – $24.Discounts for students, seniors, groups of 15 or more and advance purchase. / 503.236.7253.