South Tabor February 2014

By Kelly Horsford


The South Tabor Neighborhood Association joined Friends of Mt. Tabor Park and Mt. Tabor Neighborhood Association in support of a new  pedestrian and bike friendly access point at SE 64th/Division to Mt. Tabor Park.  Community member, Allen Vogt who serves as chair to the Committee to Improve Access to Mt. Tabor at 64th has been working with PBOT and neighborhood associations to rally support and see the project come into fruition. Allen Vogt was recently voted into position as the STNA Land Use Chair.  Welcome, Allen!

Portland Community College SE Center at SE Division and SE 82nd Avenue is in Phase One of building; re-purposing buildings and adding 4 new buildings for a total of 6 new buildings as part of their expansion. PCC recently acquired the German American Society building on SE Division as well as the Kaiser Permanente building.  Built in 1911, the German American Society building which was donated by Henry Weinhard’s widow years ago will be re-purposed into an Administration building and will be open Summer, 2014. The Kaiser building will be renovated into a childcare building.

To encourage groups to utilize the buildings community meeting facilities, PCC will waive the room use fee one time per group for the 2014 year.

PCC will be adding up to 3,255 SF of retail space fronting 82nd Ave. with 950 sq. ft of coffee shop space adjacent to the new college library on SE Division. Their vision is to achieve better integration between the campus and surrounding communities. The new library will be open to the community 7 days a week and is scheduled for completion, spring 2014.

PCC SE Center will host their 12th annual Asian New Year Celebration February 17, 11:30 am-2:30 pm. Celebrate the Year of the Horse with music, arts, crafts, food, door prizes and entertainment. Admission: $4 for community, $2 for students, free for children under 8.  There will be free shuttle service from Warner Pacific College and Southeast Center from 11:15 am-2:15 pm.

PPS Project Manager Debbie Pearson and Karina Ruiz spoke about revitalizing and renovating  Franklin High School. There are plans to update FHS while preserving the historic integrity of the buildings. A master plan was recently completed, and now is moving towards a schematic design, working with contractors to build design elements with the idea the students will move out of Franklin and attend Marshall starting June 2015 and return September 2017.

Designs include flipping the track and athletic field from square to rectangle shape to allow space for a new building at bottom of bowl to serve as an athletic complex. Renovations include a goal to preserve the main buildings and east and west wing. Project managers are working with PBOT to deal with current and potential traffic impact at SE 52nd and Woodward.

Want to be a part of STNA?  The next General/Board Meeting is Thursday February 20 at 7 pm.  Meet your neighbors, find out what’s new in your neighborhood and get involved!  Currently the following Board positions are open:  Secretary, Resource Sharing, and Sustainability Chair.


South Tabor February 2014

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