The ninth Annual Mt Tabor Art Walk returns May 17-18. This juried event showcases 40 diverse artists at 25 sites.

by Mila Raphael

by Mila Raphael

This is an exciting opportunity to see high-quality visual art and meet artists in their studios and homes. These artists work in painting, ceramics, sculpture, metal arts, photography, glass mosaic, printmaking, jewelry, wood-turning, fiber, and mixed media and ArtWalk provides a peek into their process.

Among the artists new to the Mt. Tabor Art Walk is Tristan Francis, who creates evocative mixed-media assemblages based on collecting objects found in the gutter, on vacant lots, and in salvage yards. Francis says, “Bits of debris, with their distressed or oxidized surfaces and subtle colors, are beautiful to me and serve as my palette.”

Returning artists include fine art photographer Don Jacobson’s scintillating landscapes from the Northwest and beyond; Mark Brody’s vibrant 3-D mosaics; and Chris Keylock-Williams, (above) who brings canvasses to life with colorful, rhythmic layering and Mila Raphael (below).

Antoinette LaGrone is known for her mysterious and soulful oil painting. Todd Samusson creates totemic sculptures that feel both contemporary and ancient. Adrienne Stacey’s high-fired ceramic vessels feature rich surfaces, organic shapes and an earthy palette. Robin Bown is a master of Ukrainian egg painting, creating dazzling intricately-patterned miniatures (See front page).

With the support of 14 local businesses as community sponsors, Mt. Tabor Art Walk flourishes as a vibrant community cultural event. New sponsors this year include Mt. Tabor Realty, Rain or Shine Coffee House, Songbird Café, Tabor Bread, and Tabor Tavern.

Admission is free. Hours are 10 am to 6 pm, Saturday and Sunday. Preview the art and download a map here: