Mysterious undergarments create magical results

By Nancy Tannler


Feeling glamorous every once in awhile is part of the fun of existence for many women and men. The definition of glamour changes with the times, but one component remains constant: the curvaceous form of a female figure.

Tami Pruett, owner of The Foundation
Tami Pruett, owner of The Foundation

Tami Pruett, owner of The Foundation, 4831 SE Division St., decided to open a business that enhances these female attributes.

No, it is not another workout studio but rather a shop specializing in undergarments, lingerie, hosiery, corsets, garter belts and accessories that encourages elegant allure and practical support.

The Foundation opened three years ago and was the inspiration of a discussion about glamour between Tami’s husband  Ken and some of their friends. They were wondering where all the hourglass figures had gone since today’s glamour icons tend to run very slim and extremely fit.

There aren’t many Marilyn Monroe size 14 figures promoted in the beauty media these days, yet there are a lot of women with those dimensions.

The outcome of the discussion was to open a  shop to sell products whose origins come from the era of the forties and fifties but made in modern times.

“One of my best-selling brands is Rago, a seventy year old foundation company who have perfected tummy and waist slimming undergarments,” Pruett said.

According to the article 10 Wardrobe Items That Always work by Kate Betts, editor of Time Styles and Design, “…Any kind of body-shaper always makes an outfit look sleeker.”

There are many different types of body-shapers from long line brassieres, slimming spanx-type panties, girdles, waist cinchers and full body-shapers. Everything in the store can be ordered to fit.

Corsets are another of The Foundation’s most popular items. “Women come from everywhere and for every occasion for our corsets,” Pruett said. They are beautifully-crafted and come in different lengths according to a persons height.

Garter belts and hose are enticing and functional for those dress-up times. What Katie Did bullet bras can complete the look for a retro lingerie experience.  Pruett believes every woman deserves a little glamour in her life.

The Foundation carries slips, leggings, square dance and mid-length petticoats, reasonably-priced accessories, jewelry, scarves and hats. An added feature is the photography studio available to rent by the hour or by the day.


The Foundation’s hours are Wed. – Sunday, 10 am – 6 pm. For more information contact  503.926.4510.


Mysterious undergarments create magical results

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