Letters March 2015

To the editor:


As soon as I read the February 2015 “Build and They Will Critique”, I nearly fell out of my chair.

The statement: “with this scrutiny of the streetscape comes the realization that Portland may be missing a key objective: affordable housing. Observers say the recent requirement to provide at last some parking in new developments has pushed rents up significantly…”

The statement is misleading at best.  As far as I can tell, D Street Village is the only recent mega-sized project offering any parking.  So whoever these “observers” are – they are not observing very closely.  I think its fair to say that we can’t blame the requirement for parking spaces as the cause of high rent along SE Division, since so few of these recently approved projects offer any parking at all.

What might be more accurate is the goal of a property developer to make as much money as possible, by charging as much as people are willing to pay.


Paul DiNapoli

Dear editor:


Thank you for your recent article.

As someone who has previously written you to question the validity of information in the Wellness Word column, I wish to now complement you on the recent column, The Vitamin-Mineral Supplement Paradox, by Jules M. Elias, PhD.

It is refreshing to finally see information that is based on reputable research. It is a welcome contrast to the self-promotion of “alternative medicine” practitioners usually found in this column.

Please keep up the improved work.


Merrill Ahrens



IN last month’s Wellness Word, Essential Oils as Medicine we inadvertently cut off the writers name and credentials. The article was written by Jamie Smith, doTerra Wellness Advocate, LMT, CHHC, BA, 503.477.7037 or 503.381.1082.


Letters March 2015

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