20-year old photographer Andrew Studer creates time-lapse videos. His latest, Restless, is a backpacker’s vicarious dream.

The Oregon native, inspired by the landscapes of the Pacific Northwest throughout his life.created this 4½ minute film of dramatic and diverse Pacific Northwest locations many haven’t yet seen.

The movie took more than two years to make and is comprised of an estimated 85,000 photos shot on location throughout the Cascadian region.

“I spent just about every weekend and often times school days backpacking, camping, exploring the most incredible places the Pacific Northwest has to offer,” Studer said. “Shot in countless all nighters, camping trips and spontaneous trips, I began filming just after I graduated high school and completed it after deciding to leave college.”

Studer’s website also has a gorgeous time-lapse film of fog moving through the Portland skyline.

Watch both films at www.AndrewStuder.com and click the “Time-lapse” button for the dropdown menu.