Oregon Koto kai

Oregon Koto-kai (Japanese Koto Society of Oregon) presents their 4th annual concert Sunday November 15, at Epworth United Methodist Church, 1333 SE 28th St. Instructor Mitsuki Dazai leads this group of ten kotos in a fusion called Japanese Chamber Music.

The program includes a koto duet, Sarashi-fu Tegoto composed by Michio Miyagi; Ito-Guruma (Spinning Wheels) by Yoshihisa Sato; Dachura (Datura Flowers) by Tadao Sawai; and “Ginyu-Ka (Songs of Troubadours) by Hikaru Sawai.

The standard koto is one of the Japanese traditional musical instruments, brought to Japan from China over a thousand years ago. In addition to the standard koto, the 17 string bass koto will be used.

The koto’s basic structure has remained unchanged from its beginnings, and its unique musical voice has been held in veneration for hundreds of years. Koto performers demonstrate a symbiosis of expression both musical and physical.

Doors open at 2:30 pm, and the concert begins at 3 pm. Tickets are $15 (Students/Seniors $10) Seats are limited and reservations are recommended. Tickets are online at oregonkotokai.org, or reserve by phone 541.513.6417 or email at kotomelodies@gmail.com

Oregon Koto kai

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