Portland’s Kimbra Kasch grew up in an old Victorian house on Mt. Tabor in a family with 9 kids and one television. She spent her days reading and writing and says “I’d run home after school to catch the last fifteen minutes of Dark Shadows every day.”

With articles published in magazines like Herb Quarterly, Hopscotch, Writer’s Journal,and others, her new romantic thriller, Demon’s Ink has just been published and the thriller is set in Portland. Kasch says “It’s about art, but art that’s more than anyone bargained for.”

Two tattoo artists come to the Pacific Northwest to open a shop. One steals more than clients from other local skin artists – he steals souls. Customers love the tats until his skin-artwork takes on a life of its own…

Order the book from kimbrakasch.com or online as a paperback or ebook from Amazon books.