Eunice Parsons celebrates her centennial year with a new exhibit of collage works ranging from 2006 to present. Parsons still works in her attic studio daily, mining her vast paper stock and creating bold juxtapositions. Her work delights in the torn edge and all its many implications.

Eunice Parsons’ portrait

Eunice Parsons’ portrait

The show, Eunice Parsons, La Centenaire, opens Friday, March 4 at Roll-Up Photo Studio Gallery, 1715 SE Spokane St. beginning at 6 pm. The party goes til 9 and another reception is Saturday, March 5 at 2 pm. The show will be up until through March 26 and gallery hours are Wed-Sat, Noon – 5 pm

Born in Colorado in 1916, she is a co-founder of 12×16 Gallery and taught at the Museum Art School (now Pacific Northwest College of Art) from 1957 to 1979. Of her work, Parsons says, “It satisfies me. I’m sure there are a hundred other ways to express yourself but collage is mine. It’s my raison d’être.”

Only 20 numbered prints of Parsons’ portrait (pictured) by photographer Kerry Davis will be available. They will be signed by both the photographer and by Eunice herself.

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