Brothers And Sister, Portland’s Allman Brothers Tribute Band returns July 14 to the Doug Fir Lounge, 830 E. Burnside St.

This group is not a cover bar band playing the hits. They’ve studied the Allman’s music thoroughly and while they capture the sound, style and feel of the original band, their own individual virtuosity, spirit and joy shine through.

Brothers and Sister’s live performance is a powerful tribute to the Duane-era Allman Brothers Band circa 1971. They  jam, gel, simmer and smoulder with the best of the Allman’s feel and spirit, recreating the classic 1970s “Live at Fillmore East” album with the twin guitar sound and an added assortment of other Allman favorites mixed in for good measure. It is, as the website notes: “…an incendiary and heart-felt evening”.

Members include: Lewi Longmire, guitar, vocals; Tim Huggins, bass; Matt Cadenelli drums, vocals; Anita Lee Elliot, guitar; Steve Kerin, keys, vocals and Ryan Spellman, drums. Special guests include David Lipkind on harmonica and vocalists Kris Stuart and Joe McMurrian.

Doors open at 8 pm and show begins at 9 pm. Tickets are $10 – $12 for 21+ over only. Watch their version of “in Memory of Elizabeth Reed” on the website See for concert details.