Hundreds Line Hawthorne to Pay Tribute

A week after the death of Fallon Smart, a 15-year-old Franklin High teen killed by a speeding motorist, a heart-rending scene unfolded along Hawthorne Blvd. Flowers were laid in front of a crosswalk handpainted by neighbors at the SE 43rd Ave. intersection of her death.

Scores of cyclists rode from City Hall, over the bridge and down the length of Hawthorne, accompanied by sullen-faced police escorts. An outpouring of love and tears encircled the improvised median where friends stood recalling her considerate nature and creative talents.

amemorialThen, family and even a little brother offered testament to Fallon’s short, vibrant life. Her mother called her a rare spirit with the compassion and empathy most adults lack. “Fallon would have impressed the whole of society, had she lived.”

An uncle asked why safety measures require so much red tape.

Her father said simply, “Please. Just. Slow down.”

Local business people and neighbors emphasized the need for more crosswalks along the Boulevard and added their hopes that the tragedy serves as a wake-up call for speeders. “Slow down,” they repeated.

For Fallon’s sake. MP

Hundreds Line Hawthorne to Pay Tribute

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