Kate Power and Steve Einhorn are a beloved musical duo of many timbres and  harmonies. They have delighted Northwest audiences for years and are celebrating their first new collection of tunes in eight years.

Portland Romance is twenty-one tracks, thirteen with uke, seven with guitars and and six ukelele duets. It was recorded live in the studio and in their home with Jon Neufeld and Billy Oskay. These musical stories spring forth from two orignally northeast musicians who met, and married music, home and hearth here in Portland.

Kate plays DADGAD guitar, open-back banjo, 6-string ukulele, bones, bódhran and piano. Steve’s boundless love for the guitar lends a timeless elegance to his hearty voice – molasses with a shade of grit.

Portland Romance is a digital download only for now available online at cdbaby.com/cd/katepower3. Find the duo online at qualityfolk.com