Wellness Word Sept 2016

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Using Medical Intuition to Heal

Medical Psychic Science, or Medical Intuition, is a science that uses one’s abilities to tap into the body’s innate intelligence and wisdom. It’s the ability to pay attention to  and interpret subtle energy signals broadcast from the body’s immune system and survival power.

Traditionally, Medical Intuition can be divided in two parts. The first part relates to the method of performing a scan of one’s body and energy field (or aura), in order to sense potential energy blocks or congestions of energy and to identify potential destructive cellular memories, possibly related to health challenges.

The second part requires a deeper level of intuition to identify on a much deeper level; the real cause related to a potential energy blocks and unconscious destructive patterns. The final goal is to clear them and to promote complete healing or breakthrough.

Everybody was born with some intuitive ability, and some may be more sensitive and intuitive than others. Only a few are really aware on a deeper level, of having this gift and how to use it to identify/dissolve/ heal physical/emotional blocks and negative patterns.

As a Medical Intuitive, I am a firm believer that the body was created by Spirit, which is perfect. I think the body was created perfect and whole but conditioning (either during the time you still were in your mother’s womb, or soon after your birth) alters the perfection and wholeness of the body. This trauma contributes to the creation of  destructive cellular memories, resulting in either physical or emotional problems.

If a person can connect with this perfect spirit, it can trigger the body’s immune system to work perfectly too. A Medical Intuitive is able to help by reading and interpreting the body’s imbalances on the deepest level, then restoring the body and mind to this original wholeness.

A medical psychic sees diseases and physical problems as messages coming from your body trying to get your attention, to show you how and what healing needs to happen. They see most health issues as temporary and are not meant to be the final outcomes.

When you begin to see your physical and emotional problems in this way and accept that your body and your energy love you unconditionally, then the healing for you has already started. These problems can teach you to become compassionate toward your body and stop criticizing it.

Annalena G. Cavallo, Lifelong Intuitive & Medical Psychic, PhD, C.H.t. Cert. NLP,  Past Life Therapist,, Law of Attraction Coach, REIKI Master; trulypsychic.com www.hypnosis-portland.com

Wellness Word Sept 2016

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