A Mesmeric Victorian Wonderland featuring the Art of J.W. Kinsey and David Delamare is at The Fernie Brae, 4033 E Hawthorne Blvd. Friday, December 16 from 6 to 9 pm. It’s an evening of Vintage Beauty and Wonder, celebrating the art and accomplishments of two masters in their craft whose work compliments each other.

Mesmeric Devices by J.W.Kinsey is a collection demonstrating his mastery of the pencil as well as the toolroom. Kinsey’s works vary from meticulously machined Sculptural Lights with hundreds of components to drawings requiring some 60 hours to render with pencil and pen. Inspired by a Vintage Industrial motif, Kinsey’s pieces are multi-layered and meticulously rendered.

David Delamare’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (left) has 96 color illustrations, a deeply researched text, and is a beauty to behold. This very deluxe version of Lewis Carroll’s tale is a presentation like no other.

Delamare passed away in September as the book was being printed. His wife Wendy Ice who designed, co-edited, published, and crowdfunded the book will be on hand to answer questions and sign copies, specially priced during this event.

Victorian treats and entertainment will be served up and costumes and hats are encouraged. See ferniebrae.com for more.