Third Rail Repertory Theatre, 17 SE 8th Ave presents The Flick by Annie Baker, Thursday through Sundays, January 20 – February 11.

A run-down movie theater in Massachusetts is home to one of the last 35 millimeter film projectors in the state and The Flick follows the hilarious and heartbreaking stories of Sam, Avery and Rose, three employees, as they sweep up popcorn, kvetch about their bosses, and critique the films that play at their ill-attended cineplex.

The trio’s dramas go on in the empty theatre and, unlike the films that flicker from the projection booth, have real-world consequences.

The Flick reminds us that digital technology that was hailed as the savior of cinema ended the jobs of film projectionists across the land. Third Rail company partnered with the Hollywood Theatre throughout the production of the play and the cast and crew toured the cinema, studying 16mm, 35mm and 70mm projectors.

The performance is directed by Michael O’Connell and the cast features Isaac Lamb, Rebecca Ridenour, Jonathan Thompson and Jim Vadala. Tickets are available by phone at 503.235.1101 or online at