Austin, Texas ensemble The Deer have become Northwest favorites due to their non-stop touring and their appearances at Oregon Country Fair the last several years. Their rich sound is filled with transmogrifying lyric matter, spacious vocal harmonies and doubled fiddle and guitar leads. Each of the members are splendid musicians in their own right and simpatico is an apt term here to describe how they play together.

The best way to experience them is live of course and they are heading this way on their Spring tour with a stop at The White Eagle, 836 N. Russell St., Wednesday April 12, in an 8 pm 21+ over show opened by House of Angels. Tickets are $8 advance $10 day of show

Part of a modern indie-folk revival through the cross-pollination of Austin’s diverse music scene, The Deer’s transcendental Texas stargaze surf-western songs are moving psychotropic soundscapes and vivid dream-pop. Their new Tempest & Rapture, is their third album, an epic two disc set of songwonder. Singer Grace Park makes gorgeous cut paper stop motion videos for their songs and they’re like watching the pioneering work of Lotte Reiniger.

The palindrome is “Deer flee freedom in Oregon? No, Geronimo – deer feel freed.” Hear Deer songs and see Deer vids at