This is Ruby’s Search for the Suitable Suitor, part of a new show from Judy Lee Vogland at 12×16 gallery, 8235 SE 13th Ave. No. 5 throughout October.

Vogland’s series searches through found, fantasized, funky, and funny relationships within family. Through water-based mixed media and photos, Vogland calls on farfetched memories of Sunday rides in her family 1948 Chevy to see rich people’s houses scattered around the Portland countryside.

Also featured is new work from Kelly Saxton. Saxton’s recent drawings take note of the stillness and light of early morning, by fusing steel, paper, graphite, bee’s wax and paint.

First Friday reception is October 6, 6 pm and both artists will be on hand Sunday October 8, 2 pm. / 503.432.3513.