The piece pictured above is “Bishop’s Cap Cheese Board”, a porcelain piece by Adrienne Stacey. She’s inviting the public to her annual Homeshow, Saturday and Sunday December 2 and 3, noon to 4 pm at 3434 SE Brooklyn St.

Stacey’s high fired porcelain and stoneware clays “with a natural bent” are finished in a Minnesota Flat Top gas-fired kiln built on location at her home. The kiln will be opened Saturday at noon and she invites you to bring your gloves and help.

“My first home was on the banks of the Coweeman River close to Kelso, Washington. I fell in love with the land, the river, and the fireplace. I fell in love with clay in art class, seventh grade. Art in the schools is so very important. Clay has shaped me, strengthened me, helped me to share with others; given me solitude and great sorrows and joys. Forty five years later, I still love and live with the land, water and fire.”

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