Richmond Neighborhood Notes

By Brian Hochhalter

The Richmond Neighborhood Association held its monthly meeting on December 11, 2017 at Waverly Heights Church at SE 33rd and Woodward St. RNA meetings are held in the church basement; enter from the east-side door. The RNA’s website is

Boy Scout Troop 351 attended the meeting as part of a community service merit badge program. When Allen Field reported that the Friends of Trees, Richmond, Buckman, Brooklyn & HAND neighborhoods planted 700 trees in 2017. The Board was asked to help with an $86 donation to cover part of the $190 clean-up fee and Scoutmaster, Robert Shultz of Boy Scout Troop 351 offered to cover the whole amount. Many thanks to Troop 351!

Sgt Rob Simon, with the Portland Police Bureau, Central Precinct reported on crime and safety issues. He announced that foot patrols have resumed at Sewallcrest Park and along Hawthorne.

The Central Precinct was experiencing personnel shortages but the good news is that city council has approved funding to increase the force.  The Central precinct was cut to 5 officers last year and is now back up to 7 officers. Sgt. Simon is advocating for a total of 8.

Crime statistics— Property crimes are up. Automobile theft is up. Robbery & Assault down. Sgt. Simon emphasized that the increase in property crimes in the Richmond area are up significantly. Car prowlers will steal 10-15 cars a night.  Arrests can be made but incarceration is problematic due to lack of beds.  Stolen vehicles can be attributed to just 2 or 3 people, but perpetrators get out of jail very quickly. Greatest targets are Honda Civics (1990s), Subarus (early 2000s).

Effective Deterrents: Exterior lighting (porch, back, side) allow neighbors to more easily witness illegal activity. Camera systems are a good tool and provide the Police more information/identification. Audible house alarms are good. Advice: Secure car leaving no visible belongings, keep lights on and report, report, report!

Adam Meltzer announced a Sat Dec 23rd Graffiti Clean-up meeting. Santa & Elves were out in force as witnessed by many in the Neighborhood! Many thanks to these volunteers.


Richmond Neighborhood Notes

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