Central Eastside Industrial Council is spearheading its first Central Eastside Industrial District clean up of the year. Join in the fun and help clean up for Earth Day!


When: Saturday, April 21st 9:00 am to noon


Where: PCC Climb Center 1626, SE Water Ave Portland, OR 97214


What: We will be over 200 people gathered to hit the pavement to clean up litter and graffiti along the east river bank in honor of Earth Day!


A big thank you to SOLVE and the City of Portland’s Graffiti Abatement Program for providing resources for this event, to Cargo, Water Avenue Coffee Company, Human Access Project, Portland Community College, Comcast and Popina for sponsoring the Clean Up. Residents and businesses are invited to participate–for more information, and to register for the event head to the SOLVE event page: https://www.solveoregon.org/opportunity/a0C1I000005SMTjUAO


The Central Eastside Industrial Council (CEIC) is a non-profit, volunteer organization representing businesses and property owners in the Central Eastside Industrial District (CEID) in Portland, Oregon.  The Central Eastside Industrial District is a 681-acre district encompassing property south of I-84 to Powell and the river to SE 12th. Comprised of district property owners, businesses and makers, the CEIC strives to preserve and honor the district’s industrial roots while maintaining a vibrant and thriving community of diverse businesses.