Connie Cohen: Capturing Light

Northwest artist Connie Cohen’s new watercolors are on display at TaborSpace Coffeehouse, 5441 SE Belmont St. from September 4 – 29.

The  show is called Capturing Light and an Artist Reception and gathering in the building’s Copeland Commons takes place September 14 from 4-8 pm.

A prize-winning watercolorist, Cohen studied painting at the California College of the Arts, receiving her BFA from Pacific Northwest College of Art and a MA from Marylhurst University.

“Surf Fishing”

“I was influenced by the photorealist movement of the 1970s and continue to pursue the craft of watercolor because I love how it reveals light and has a mind of its own. Like any good relationship, it continually challenges me to get to know it in deeper and more interesting ways. Painting opens my heart and mind to the beauty, the mystery, the diversity and delight all around us. My hope is that you will also see and feel that spark.”

A many faceted artist,  Connie Cohen is a renowned and beloved songwriter too whose very original songs filled with connection, spirit, clarity, and perspective have been a part of the Northwest music scene for many years. The focus in both her visual art and music is a process of capturing the light. She is currently working on a new recording of her songs at Montbrae Studio.

TaborSpace is a community gathering place and the coffeehouse exhibit is open weekdays 8:30-3 pm and Saturdays 8:30-1 pm.

Take a tour through Connie Cohen’s creations via her website at

Connie Cohen: Capturing Light

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