For the third time in eleven years, La Bamba Restaurante, 4908 SE Powell Blvd. received a 100 percent score from the Multnomah County Health Department.

This perfect score is a testament to how well managed La Bamba is and of the pride the owner Carlo Vicenttin and his employees take in their restaurant.

“The scoring starts at 100 and points are then subtracted for infringements on the codes,” he said.

Infringements can be as miniscule as a spoon touching another utensil to not putting enough chlorine in the bleach water. “We’ve always scored in the ninties but we’re very pleased to receive this high score.”

Vicenttin thinks ethnic restaurants can sometimes come under more scrutiny than traditional American food establishments. To assure his diners of the quality of food service he created an open kitchen, so people can see the chefs and staff prepare their food if they want.

This style of open kitchen has become kind of trendy, although that wasn’t his original intent. “It can be entertaining to watch the chef cook,” he said.

La Bamba cuisine serves entrees from Veracruz, Oaxaca, Yucatan, Puebla and Chiapas. One of their specialties is their moles. “We serve five different moles everday from the different regions. Puebla and Oaxaca are noted for their moles,” Vicenttin said. He spends time researching  different traditional food menus and prepares and serves them as nightly specials.

La Bamba’s hours are 11:30 am-10 pm. Their phone is 503.445.6341. NT