Montavilla Historic Resource Survey

By Brandon Spencer-Hartle

City Planner

This winter, the Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability  (BPS) partners with the University of Oregon Historic Preservation Program to conduct a historic resource survey in the Montavilla “Main Street” area.

The survey will identify and document buildings of architectural and cultural importance.

Because of its many older buildings from different historic periods, the neighborhood was selected to serve as a pilot project for updating the Historic Resources Inventory (HRI), a citywide list that has not been updated since 1984.

City staff, University of Oregon students, and technical experts will survey resources in the SE Stark/Washington St. corridor between approximately SE 75th and SE 85th Avenues.

The survey results will be compiled in a report with basic information on each building within the study area.

The report will include a list of buildings determined eligible for inclusion on the citywide HRI. Adding properties to the HRI wouldn’t occur until late 2019 when related zoning code changes become effective.

The BPS will hold an information session during the Montavilla Neighborhood Association’s monthly meeting Monday, January 14, 6:30 pm at Montavilla United Methodist Church, 232 SE 80th Ave.

BPS representatives will share an overview of the survey process, invite submissions of historical information and answer questions.

7818 SE Stark. The 1948 Academy Theater is a prominent building in the study area.
Photo courtesy Michael Molinaro.

The project team is interested in hearing from people with family stories or archival information related to the history of the study area.

Historic photos, articles, blueprints and other materials are often useful in evaluating the historic significance of properties.

If you have historical information about people, businesses, organizations, buildings, or events in the Montavilla area, submissions can be sent to 

Montavilla Historic Resource Survey

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