Franklin Teacher Awarded

By Jack Rubinger

Myron Ryan, a Franklin High School metalworking and manufacturing teacher, has received the Circle of Excellence Award from OnPoint Community Credit Union. He will receive a $1,500 cash prize and $1,000 will be donated to his school. The annual OnPoint Prize for Excellence in Education campaign recognizes teachers that make an impact in their schools and communities.

“What I like most about Mr. Ryan is his ability to develop relationships, his dedication, and the extra commitment he gives us,” said Audrey Garber, a senior at Franklin. “He also has a good sense of humor. To test the strength of a metal weld, he tosses it on the ground.  If the weld isn’t strong enough, it breaks. He calls this his anger management test.”

Both Garber and senior Mike Mendez are going on to technical and machine training programs at Boeing and Mt. Hood Community College. Boeing will pay for their additional schooling. For low-income students, this is a game changing opportunity, the type of real world experience that industrial employers desire in students.

“We have Mr. Ryan to thank for helping us,” said Mendez.

Myron Ryan and his class

Ryan has been working with these kids for four years. Although he once owned his own business, he’s now fully dedicated to career technical education and enjoys being a full-time teacher, which he calls “recess with power tools.”

“The great thing about technical education is that it allows kids to express themselves in different ways,” said Ryan. “There’s no better industrial training than doing hands-on work in a shop.”

This is the 10th anniversary of the annual contest, which honors local educators who work to inspire enthusiasm and creativity in the classroom and have made an impact on students, their families and surrounding communities. The campaign has awarded nearly $300,000 in prizes to 236 local educators and schools.


Franklin Teacher Awarded

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