Walkabout Kicks Off Alliance

By Midge Pierce

A coalition called Inner Powell Alliance (IPA) has formed with Creston-Kenilworth, Richmond, Hosford Abernethy and Brooklyn Neighborhood Associations to improve safety and livability along Powell Blvd. 

With increasing traffic hazards and the County’s designation of Powell as a major development corridor, the group is hoping to set a precedent for better design, safety and accessibility.  

To raise initiative awareness, Creston-Kenilworth is organizing a December 15 walkabout past sites earmarked for key development including an affordable housing project at 30th and Powell. 

A presentation by Home Forward will be featured, the new owner of the  Original Taco House will discuss his plans and a PBOT rep will address pedestrian safety, an issue of great concern due to increasing traffic, speeding and a generally “unwelcome experience of walking on that portion of Powell,” according to Joe Hovey. 

Stops will include a Starbucks-hosted coffee tasting and a celebration at Gladstone Pizza for their twenty-five years in business. State Rep. Rob Nosse will attend. 

For more information, see bit.ly/2XGEa83

Walkabout Kicks Off Alliance

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