A Message from Laurelthirst Pub

Greetings from the temporarily shuttered Laurelthirst Pub! We want to let you know that we miss you all.

We’re holding high hopes for reopening to serve you again soon, and are doing rejuvenating projects in the space to bring new, welcoming energy in during this strange and distant time.

We’ve been lucky enough to have some of our beloved musicians playing livestream shows on social media and donating tips to the Pub.

If you feel like helping out during this shutdown, we’re soliciting donations against the pub’s mounting debts and our furloughed staff at laurelthirst.com/shop. We are selling gift certificates as well as taking pre-orders for new apparel designs if you’d like to help out that way. Either way, we love you and look forward to serving you a drink, a song, and a big ole hug just as soon as we can.   

xo,  Laurelthirst Pub

A Message from Laurelthirst Pub

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