Powell’s Books author events have gone virtual. Here are a few highlights for August 2020. Use the link at the end of each date to obtain the registration information. Be sure to check powells.com for updates and registration.

Sunday August 9, 2 pm – Hilary Moore and James Tracy No Fascist USA! is the story of how a national grassroots network fought a resurgence of the KKK and other fascist groups during the Reagan years, laying the groundwork for today’s anti-fascist/anti-racist movements. Link: bit.ly/3hbyrQi

Saturday August 15, 11 am – Kids’ Storytime With Blair Thornburgh and Kate Berube In their new picture book, Second Banana, the kids in Mrs. Millet’s class are putting on their annual nutrition pageant. Every kid plays a food and every kid gets a line. Fish, Cheese, Broccoli, Blueberry, Banana and… Second Banana but Second Banana feels rotten because she wants to be the only banana. Link: bit.ly/2DNAV91

Thursday August 20, 5 pm – Lisa Hanawalt, a comic book industry sensation. Her humor and ingenuity are evident in the comics collected in I Want You. Her love of anthropomorphism and scatology are on full display, lovingly and grotesquely drawn by in obsessive, unnerving detail. Link: Check powells.com/eventsupdate

Friday August 21, 5 pm – Adrienne Raphel’s new book, Thinking Inside The Box, celebrates the crossword puzzle, invented by accident in 1913, when a newspaper editor was looking for something to fill empty column space. Raphel dives into the secrets of this pastime going behind the scenes to see how America’s gold standard of puzzles is made. Link: bit.ly/3jfhCFT