OHA Launches COVID-19 Dashboard

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) has launched a new public dashboard showing the status of the state’s COVID-19 vaccination effort on a daily basis, both statewide and by county. 

The number of people partially and fully vaccinated is displayed, along with key demographic information showing race, ethnicity, sex and age of those immunized.

COVID-19 vaccination providers must document vaccine administration in their medical record systems within 24 hours of administration and use their best efforts to report data to the Oregon ALERT Immunization Information System as soon as practicable and no later than 72 hours after administration.

OHA will use a phased approach to ensure the first vaccines available are given to critical healthcare workers who work with COVID-19 patients. 

In line with the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) guidance, OHA will prioritize frontline healthcare works and long-term care residents and employees. 

This includes doctors, nurses, janitorial staff and others who have potential for direct or indirect contact with COVID-19 patients or infectious materials.

OHA has established a COVID-19 Vaccine Advisory Community Council representing a diverse group of community members to ensure that distribution of the vaccine occurs in a fair and equitable way for all people of Oregon. 

OHA expects 300,000-400,000 individuals will have access to COVID-19 vaccination in the initial phase of the vaccination plan. 

More information at covidvaccine.oregon.gov. 

OHA Launches COVID-19 Dashboard

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