Mirador Magazine for the Cognitive Impaired

SE Portland residents Tavé Fascé Drake and Nikki Jardin have developed an online and print publication for those experiencing dementia, brain trauma, other cognitive impairment and their extended communities. 

The idea sparked when Jardin discovered that her aunt, recently diagnosed with Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease, could no longer easily read magazines she enjoyed. Finding nothing available for this community, she decided to create something. 

She brought in Fascé Drake, for her print design skills and her interest due to her mother’s Multiple Sclerosis, and the two have designed a periodical with stories shorter than those in conventional magazines – simpler sentences, larger typeface and compelling, non-distractive imagery and colors – and all without looking like a child’s publication. Months of research and revision has made Mirador real and the first issue is now available. 

SE resident Daniel Flessas brought an early version of the magazine to his mother, Yvonne. He thought dementia had taken away her ability to read and was pleasantly surprised to see her engaging with the magazine.  

“Mom long ago realized magazines crammed with images and information were too much for her,” he said. “The short pieces have been attracting her attention and I think might even be good for revitalizing her mental acuity.” 

Mirador was created to provide independent enjoyment. Its purposeful design allows for people like Yvonne to share the magazine with their loved ones instead of being shared to. That can go a long way towards preserving dignity, independence, and the bond that keeps loved ones near and dear.

There are additional narration and supplemental materials available online as an extra aid to enjoying its content. There’s also a Spanish translation of the magazine on the website.

To order a physical copy, email miradormag@gmail.com. To experience Mirador online, go to miradormagazine.com.

Mirador Magazine for the Cognitive Impaired

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