Live Music at Artichoke Returns

Artichoke Music is presenting live shows again and that is mighty good news. This month’s highlights include Saturday, November 6 – Brian Odell, 8 pm; Sunday, November 7 – John Silliman Dodge, 7 pm; Friday, November 12 – Espacio Flamenco’s Tablao, 7:30 pm and Saturday, November 13 – Tom May and Doug Smith, 7 pm. 

At live shows, proof of vaccination is required for all performers and audience. No exceptions. All shows will be livestreamed on Facebook Live and YouTube.

Artichoke Music was nominated for its first Muddy Award for virtual livestream production from the Cascade Blues Association (CBA). During the last year and a half, the venue produced 13 videos of the CBA’s monthly meetings. The videos have generated over 5,000 views. Winners will be announced this month. The link for the playlist can be found at

Artichoke’s sound man Gary Furlow deserves the accolades. Sarah Wolff, who just joined the Artichoke production team says, “Gary is a wealth of knowledge and is always willing to share it with anyone interested in learning.  I love hearing his stories about those massive productions he oversaw before the digital age.”

The full schedule is at

Live Music at Artichoke Returns

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