Portland’s Talilo Marfil is a Filipino-American hip-hop recording artist and two-time RACC Grant Award Winner.

His latest video single, 122nd, was made with a sense of urgency after a year that saw a record 92 homicides here in the Rose City and the recent loss of one of his 18-year-old mentees.

“The track is a candle for those lost and a light to those continuing to hold on,” Marfil says.

122nd Ave. is a side of Portland often described as “forgotten” and the video, directed by Aeon Visuals, takes the viewer on a first-person journey down the street to a mural that tells a story of the people that make this place.

As a Pacific Islander in poverty, Marfil ended up making decisions that put him on the streets, in jail, and eventually, prison. Released at age 21 and guided by spiritual values and a hunger to reclaim his culture, he inspires those with similar challenges.

See the video for 122nd at TaliloMusic.com.

Photo: Talilo Marfil


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