Bruce Lee Films at Clinton St.

Spanning multiple days this month, the Clinton Street Theater screens Bruce Lee’s greatest films, shown in curated order, rather than by release date, in order to celebrate his impact on the world.

“Bruce Lee’s influence on modern culture cannot be overstated,” says Clinton Street Theater co-owner Aaron Colter. “From countless homages in video games, comic books and films like Kill Bill (2003), there’s really no one else as iconic as Bruce Lee. And it’s not just his movies. He was a poet and a teacher. His hybrid martial arts philosophy paved the way for modern MMA. He continues to be an inspiration all over the world. His philosophy of ‘be water’ was adopted by protesters in Hong Kong during the 2019 anti-extradition movement. There’s even a statue of him in Mostar, Bosnia that was unveiled in 2005 as a symbol of peace. Everyone still knows Bruce Lee today, not because he was a celebrity, but because he embodies strength and perseverance.”

The series kicks off with Fists of Fury Monday, August 15, followed by Enter the Dragon, Saturday the 20th, The Way of the Dragon, Thursday, the 25th, The Big Boss, Monday the 29th and finishes with Game of Death, Tuesday the 30th.

Limited festival passes are available for the full five-film set in addition to tickets for individual screenings at All shows start at 7 pm. 

Bruce Lee Films at Clinton St.

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