Sidestreet Arts Features the Pratts

“Genesis Series #14,”
acrylic on paper in black frame,
18” x 24” by Michael Pratt

This September Sidestreet Arts is delighted to feature the artwork of father and daughter duo Michael and Bethany Pratt. The Pratts have been a mainstay of the Portland scene, both as major supporters of the Portland art world, as well as renowned artists themselves.
Michael’s work is composed of paintings and mixed-media sculptures. His paintings are thematically abstract and characterized by a sense of spontaneous composition, tonal balance and harmony. Michael’s sculptures are a series of small, fantasy-driven dioramas with the crow as the central theme. His career in ceramics (both pottery and tile making) and painting spans 50 years, with numerous shows in Oregon and Washington.
When looking at Bethany’s sculptural wire-work you can very much see her many years as a jewelry maker. Bethany takes wire and knits, welds and manipulates it into miniature human armatures. As a lover of antique dolls, these works are her take on a classic doll and doll clothes. The high level of detail found in her work gives every piece a personality. Accordingly, each one is given a human name by Bethany. Her love of the Day of the Dead and animals is also evident in her work.
See the Pratts’ work at Sidestreet Arts, 140 SE 28th Ave., Thursday-Sunday 12-5 pm through Sunday, October 1. Find them online anytime at

Top image: “Wren,” mixed media, 14” x 7.5” by Bethany Pratt

“Wren,” mixed media, 14” x 7.5” by Bethany Pratt.

Sidestreet Arts Features the Pratts

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