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Powell’s Books on Hawthorne Author Readings and Events for July 2019

July 3 - July 31

Powell’s on Hawthorne  

3723 SE Hawthorne Blvd.




Eric Barnes     

In Above the Ether (Arcade), the prequel to Eric Barnes’s acclaimed cli-fi novel, The City Where We Once Lived, six sets of characters move through a landscape and a country just beginning to show the signs of cataclysmic change. While every night the news alternates images of tsunami destruction with the baseball scores, the characters converge on a city where the forces of change have already broken – a city half abandoned, with one part left to be scavenged as the levee system protecting it slowly fails – until, in their vehicles on the highway that runs through it, they witness the approach of what looks to be just one more violent storm. A mesmerizing novel of unfolding dystopia amid the effects of climate change in a world very like our own, Above the Ether is for readers of Emily St. John Mandel’s Station Eleven and Margaret Atwood’s The Year of the Flood.

Monday the 8th, 7:30pm  /  Powell’s on Hawthorne       


Dylan Meconis

Cult graphic novelist Dylan Meconis offers a rich reimagining of history in her beautifully detailed hybrid novel, Queen of the Sea (Walker), loosely based on the exile of Queen Elizabeth I by her sister, Queen Mary. When her sister seizes the throne, Queen Eleanor of Albion is banished to a tiny island off the coast of her kingdom, where the nuns of the convent spend their days peacefully praying, sewing, and gardening. But the island is also home to Margaret, a mysterious young orphan girl whose life is upturned when the cold, regal stranger arrives. As Margaret grows closer to Eleanor, she grapples with the revelation of the island’s sinister true purpose as well as the truth of her own past. When Eleanor’s life is threatened, Margaret is faced with a perilous choice between helping Eleanor and protecting herself. In a hybrid novel of fictionalized history, Meconis paints Margaret’s world in soft greens, grays, and reds, transporting readers to a quiet, windswept island at the heart of a treasonous royal plot.

Thursday the 11th, 7:30pm  /  Powell’s on Hawthorne  


Blake Nelson   

It’s early 2016, and divorced, liberal-minded Martin Harris is having trouble meeting women. He reluctantly agrees to some coaching from Rob, his Trump-supporting brother-in-law. Skeptical at first, Martin’s romantic life improves immediately. Maybe Rob and his “red pill” dating strategies aren’t so backward after all. But after Trump’s surprise victory in the presidential election, Martin’s newfound romantic skills are put to the test. Can he still find love in the midst of #metoo and #resistance? Is there any love left to find? The Red Pill (Bombardier) is the new novel from Blake Nelson, author of Paranoid Park and Girl.

Monday the 15th, 7:30pm  /  Powell’s on Hawthorne     


Oregon’s Ancient Forests: A Hiking Guide

Chandra LeGue’s Oregon’s Ancient Forests (Mountaineers) is a guidebook with a purpose: to inspire readers to learn about and visit Oregon’s rapturous old-growth forests, and then love them enough to keep them protected. Not just for hikers, this Oregon Wild-sponsored guide explains where the forests are and who manages them, the threats they face, and an action plan for protecting what remains and restoring damaged forests so they may become the ancient forests of the future. LeGue discusses forest ecology, flora, and fauna, and also details 91 of her favorite hikes across the state.

Monday the 22nd, 7:30pm  /  Powell’s on Hawthorne    


The Dreamt Land: Chasing Water and Dust Across California

Mark Arax is from a family of Central Valley farmers, a writer with deep ties to the land who has watched the battles over water intensify even as California lurches from drought to flood and back again. In The Dreamt Land (Knopf), he travels the state to explore the one-of-a-kind distribution system, built in the 1940s, ’50s, and ’60s, that is straining to keep up with California’s relentless growth. The Dreamt Land weaves reportage, history, and memoir to confront the “Golden State” myth in riveting fashion. Arax’s heartfelt, beautifully written book is about the land and the people who have worked it – from gold miners to wheat ranchers to small fruit farmers and today’s Big Ag. Since the beginning, Californians have redirected rivers, drilled ever-deeper wells, and built higher dams, pushing the water supply past its limit.

Thursday the 25th, 7:30pm  /  Powell’s on Hawthorne  


Jessie L. Kwak

Art and writing can be among the most fulfilling parts of our lives. But let’s face it: sometimes it’s difficult to make time and space for it. Sometimes we have so many ideas it’s difficult to keep them all organized, or even to distinguish one from another. With all the clutter overwhelming your scattered brain, how could you expect to get any work done? More likely than not, you’ll find yourself procrastinating on an art project, or not actually knowing what the project is. What to do? Jessie L. Kwak’s From Chaos to Creativity (Microcosm) will help guide you through the clutter and teach you how to focus on the good ideas, manage your project, make time in your life, and execute your passions to completion. Make great art by changing your chaotic creative force into productive power!

Monday the 29th, 7:30pm  /  Powell’s on Hawthorne     







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