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February 1, 2013 - February 28, 2013


January 18–March 22, 2012


December 17, 2012, Portland, OR—Yale Union is thrilled to welcome the new year with an exhibition by artist Angie Keefer, opening January 18, 2013. The exhibition will center around a series of five unique performances on Friday evenings in January, February, and March. The performances will take the form of multi-media lectures, and include a variety of components such as audio recordings, film, and digital projections. The through-line of the five performances is Keefer’s interest in exploring the processes of perception, the ways we acquire language, and the ad-hoc way groups of people collectively construct meaning. Here’s Keefer on the color green:


“The talk I gave was about color. It was about green to be specific, though not exact, which was partly the point. It was about a group of people looking at the same thing, inevitably seeing something different, yet using common words to describe their experiences. The idea was to demonstrate the imprecision of language, and to further demonstrate, despite this imprecision, that we can’t make a logical argument that would distinguish our individual experience of perception from our conscious awareness of it, which is to say, from the language we use to describe it. And since we had already agreed that language is only meaningful within a community of speakers, by extension, we would come to agree that meaning is not an introspectible experience. In fact, the very concept of unique experience is logically insupportable. When I describe a color, what I describe is a framework within which the experience of color can be described. This implies that by describing something, I am potentially modifying the way in which experience can be understood, which in turn affects what can be experienced. The idea of ‘green’ is unstable, but that doesn’t mean green—the color, the concept, the experience, the thing—doesn’t exist, only that we can’t speak about it definitively, rather adequately and contingently. The meaning of green is its use.”


Whatever the subject of her talks, Keefer rejects the servitude of fixed attitudes, the slob of a poorly paid brain, and in doing so seizes upon the idea that an exhibition can be a designated space in which we try to reveal meaning without committing the error of defining it.


Angie Keefer (b. 1977) graduated from Yale University. This is her first solo exhibition. Her work has taken place at the 2012 São Paulo Biennial, the Museum of Modern Art, NY; Artist Space, NY; Sculpture Center, NY; the Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen; and MoMA PS1, NY, among others. In 2011, she co-founded, with David Reinfurt and Stuart Bailey, The Serving Library. The Serving Library is a long-term project founded on a consideration of how the role of the library has changed over time, from fixed archive through circulating collection to a less geographically restricted point of dissemination. The format has become an umbrella for lots of Keefer’s activities, and it is helpful for the uninitiated to think of her as a publisher, i.e., someone who makes things public, as much as an artist and a writer. The Serving Library’s publications can be read and downloaded from www.servinglibrary.org. Keefer’s most recent book is On Onions (Primary Information, 2012), pairing her non-fiction text with a series of photographs by artist Elad Lassry.


The exhibition will be accompanied by a performance by musician Curtis Roads on January 19, and a series of Douglas Sirk films. The first, Magnificent Obsession, will be screened in partnership with the Northwest Film Center on January 20 at the Northwest Film Center; the additional Sirk screenings are to be announced.





January 18: Magician, 7:30pm, at YU


Music Performance

January 19: Curtis Roads, 7:00pm, at YU



January 20: Douglas Sirk’s Magnificent Obsession, at NW Film Center



February 9: Onion, 7:30pm, at YU



February 22: Octopus, 7:30pm, at YU



March 8: Green, 7:30pm, at YU



March 22: Waterfall, 7:30pm, at YU








Tours of the Yale Union Laundry building and library are available upon request with one week’s notice.

Please call (503) 236-7996 or email yu@yucontemporary.org.





800 SE 10th Ave (between Morrison and Belmont)

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Angie Keefer, courtesy of Yale Union © 2012

For High Resolution image please contact communications@yucontemporary.org


February 1, 2013
February 28, 2013
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