Street Stand Locations

SE Powell area

  • 33rd & SE Powell – Braking Cycles (inside business)
  • 20th & SE Powell – Artichoke Music (inside business)
  • 21st & SE Tibbetts – People’s Co-Op (stand on NW corner of intersection)

SE Hawthorne area

  • 12th – Burgerville (stand on west side of 12th)
  • 12th – Baerlic Brewing (stand in vestibule on 12th Ave. entrance)
  • 37th – Tov Coffee (stand on NW corner of intersection)
  • 41st – New Seasons (stand on west side of 41st)
  • 43rd – Common Grounds Coffeehouse (inside the door)
  • 1020 SE 7th – Post Office (stand on east side of 7th)

SE Belmont area

  • 11th – Market of Choice (stand on west side of 11th)
  • 34th – Belmont Market (inside business)
  • 39th – Walgreens (stand on south side of Belmont near bus stop)
  • 44th – Movie Madness (stand on south side of Belmont)

SE Stark area

  • 61st – Stark Street Station (stand on NW corner of intersection)
  • 79th – Bipartisan Cafe (stand on NE corner of intersection)

E Burnside area

  • 55th – QFC (stand on south side of Burnside)

NE Glisan area

  • 48th – Providence (stand on north side of Glisan)
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