Richmonds Notes October

At the September 10 RNA meeting, Co-chair Allen Field announced the Fall Friends of Trees planting for our neighborhood. The deadline to sign up is Oct. 29. The deadline to order is November 12, and the planting is December 1.

Jill Cropp presented the “Solarize Richmond” project. This started with a group of homeowners buying photovoltaic panels for their new houses to be built in the Waverly project on SE Woodward. The group decided to encourage others outside that project to join and get reduced prices on the solar panels and installation. Jill also described a lease option where the panels are owned by a third-party, and placed on the house, shifting maintenance costs, such as the 10-year Inverter replacement costs.

Also speaking was an independent solar contractor, Andrew Koyaanisqatsi, who is opposed to large-scale solarization projects like this one, as they give all the business to one contractor, hurting the other local solar contractors. He said the panels the Richmond project was using were 3-year-old technology, which means it takes up more roof area to produce the same electricity.

Allen Field mentioned the current problems of sidewalk blockage on Division at 32nd Ave. as well as 33rd Place, and the prospects of even more blockage with the upcoming Division Streetscape project and the other upcoming buildings on Division. Allen is in contact with various city departments, who will be at the October 8 RNA meeting to talk about the issue.

Our SEUL Land Use representative, Cliff Hutchinson, reported that the biggest concern at the last committee meeting was that the Comprehensive Plan PEG groups seemed to all be meeting during the work day, making it difficult for most citizens to attend.

Liquor license applications were received for Clinton Market, 3400 SE Clinton, and Bar Dobre, 3962 SE Hawthorne.

Richmonds Notes October

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