HAND Neighborhood Notes January 203

David Kaplan


The HAND Board has been developing a strategy to focus efforts on a tight set of priorities on the coming months. Our conversation began in October with an exercise to focus priorities for action.  That work identified development pressure, with the resulting impacts on transportation, parking, and affordable housing as the top interest of neighbors. While representatives of HAND are deeply involved in several planning projects that will impact zoning and other policy decisions, we hope to increase our involvement in these discussions so the our desires are reflected in the Central City Plan, The Portland Plan, and the Comprehensive Plan which will translate policy into ordinances. HAND maintains its commitment to growing a sustainable neighborhood while recognizing problems created by greater density.  We hope to lead the neighborhood conversation about what these impacts mean, and explore way to mitigate their effects.

Several HAND volunteers walked every street in the neighborhood documenting each tree location, species, size, and general health. The data are available on-line in report and table form (www.portlandoregon.gov/parks/article/419664) or as an interactive GIS map (www.portlandoregon.gov/parks/article/421118). The information will be used to identify locations for future plantings. Save Our Elms will use the data to track tree loss, pruning and inoculation activities in efforts to slow Dutch Elm Disease.

Thanksgiving Dinner was served to homeless neighbors at St. Phillip Neri Carvlin Hall.  This event was sponsored by the parish with financial support from New Seasons Market, the HAND Neighborhood Association and individual contributors. The event brought together over 25 neighbors to share a meal and friendship.

Friends of Ladd’s Addition Gardens (FLAG) held their annual Holiday Potluck December 9. Rex Grigg (our retired former postman) once again brought the taste of South Carolina to the party with his wonderful pulled pork sandwiches. This has been the traditional caroling event with a horse-drawn wagon, however, recent changes to city codes have made it more difficult to find horse owners able to operate on Portland’s streets.  FLAG will try again next year to bring the horses back. The auction was a success. Thanks to all of the local businesses who contributed auction items.

HAND Neighborhood Notes January 203

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