Turkish Gypsy Dance at Live Roman

The Roman (ro-MAHN) are the Gypsy people of Trakya in Northern Turkey, Eastern Greece and Southern Bulgaria. Live Roman presents authentic Gypsy culture in an engaging and educational way, Sunday April 7, 3 pm – 7:30 pm at Tango Berretin, 6305 SE Foster Rd.

Internationally-renowned dancer Reyhan Tuzsuz (pictured) and husband, violinist Husnu Tuzsuz from Istanbul, Turkey, bring Portland a rare glimpse into the world of Turkish Roman culture with all-ages public workshops given on a recreated Roman street with a wedding dance and music by Reyhan and Husnu. They will be accompanied by clarinetist and ethnomusicologist Sonia Seeman and percussionist David Reihs, (both have spent time in Turkey).

After the workshops, there will be performances, open dancing with live Turkish Roman music, Turkish appetizers and big fun. All proceeds from the event go to the Tuzsuz family to support their art and community.  This is one of several cultural events which Festival Romani will present leading up to the festival this August 17. 503.446.9555 www.FestivalRomani.com .

Turkish Gypsy Dance at Live Roman

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