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Karen Pride, owner of Harlow and its sister restaurant, Prasad in NW, is from Michigan and has lived in Portland for 8 years. Pride was a pastry chef before she began experimenting with healthy foods and raw food diets.

“I felt really good on a vegan diet and I lost my cravings for sugar and cream and flour. It’s also important to me that any animals used to produce our food are pastured or free range and treated humanely.”

aharlow-outPride opened Harlow because she wanted to serve people healthy, nourishing food that would make them feel good for the rest of the day.

Except for honey, eggs, half & half, and dairy butter (and a few wheat beers), Harlow is vegan and 100 percent gluten-free.

Vegans rejoice! This one’s for you – and anyone who knows that everything is better with kale.

At Harlow, you’ll find kale served every which way.

This is a charming eatery, with counter-service and a relaxed almost-seventies decor with communal tables and mismatched chairs. Harlow serves breakfast through dinner beginning each day at 8 am.

The juice bar has an extensive menu of blended fresh vegetables and fruit juice. Options are plentiful making it hard to choose among cucumber, kale, carrot, ginger, apple, cilantro and more. Hot beverages include ginger tea with freshly-grated ginger and a wellness toddy of echinacea, fresh lemon, ginger juice and cayenne.

Kale is put through its paces: steamed, shredded, raw; kale with polenta, kale with roasted tomatoes, avocado, and quinoa; shredded kale with spinach, tempeh, black beans with ranchero sauce, and so on.

aharlow-inHearty, healthy lunch bowls are accented with roasted hazelnuts, dried currants, and goji berries, adding texture, flavor, and additional nutrients. Goji berries, incidentally, are a superfood frequently used in Chinese medicine.

A single goji berry contains 18 amino acids, 21 minerals trace minerals including zinc, iron, and calcium, something which stimulates the secretion of human growth hormone, and apparently more beta-carotene that any other food on earth. The Dalai Lama reportedly loves them.

Breakfast might be a chia and hazelnut pudding with cinnamon, cardamom, and honey or lemon-poppyseed quinoa pancakes with dairy butter or butter substitute. At dinner, try a raw veggie burger or a stir fry of vegetables and rice noodles in a pineapple ginger sauce with roasted cashews.

Portland ranks second on PETA’s (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) 2013 list of vegan-friendly cities.



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