The Late Now Returns

The Late Now begins its new monthly show Thursday September 5 at Din Din Supper Club, 920 NE Glisan St. The evening’s festivities begin at 8:30 pm. This variety-talk vehicle is sharp and inquisitive, avant-hosted by the hearty cheer and the eccentric wit astonishment of Leo Daedalus.

Broadcasting from “a parallel universe where Dada won the war”, September’s Late Now features photographer Holly Andres, music by Three For Silver (with rants, seductions and drunken ballads), mezzo-soprano Caitlin Mathes, artists Linda Austin, David Eckard and Doug Theriault (their film Three Trick Pony premieres at Portland Institute of Creative Art’s Time Based Art festival (Sept. 12 – 22 – see all of this, as well as America’s high-altitude cohost, Alex Reagan.

Admission is $5-15 sliding. The evening will be filmed too so get your audience on for posterity. See the show’s elliptical website at and do yourself a big favour and watch the trailer .


The Late Now Returns

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