Neighborhood Notes Kerns Sept 13

By  Heather Waisanen



We had a great turnout at our August 6 annual picnic. Thank you to those who were able to join us. I’d like to acknowledge our neighborhood businesses and organizations who supported us: Adolph’s Florist, Albertina Kerr, AllPort Editions Greeting Cards, Bakery Bar, The Children’s Gym, Circuit Rock Climbing Gym, Coca-Cola, East Burnside Business Association, Everett Healing House Center, Green Beans Coffee, Hatch/Springboard Innovations, Illume Day Spa, Inner Gate Acupuncture, Laurelhurst Theater, Mattress Lot, Juniper Black (massages), Music Millennium, Pairings Portland, Portland Chiropractic Group, See See Coffee, Tapalaya, Triangle Productions, Whole Foods Market, Whole Body Fitness.

Our next meeting is Weds., Sept., 18 at 6 pm at Pacific Crest Community School located at the corner of NE Davis and 29th Avenue. Meetings are open to anyone who lives, works or owns property in the neighborhood.  If you are interested in being on the agenda, contact Agenda will be published closer to the meeting. Check our website:

A group of neighbors and DaVinci Arts Middle School are hosting a neighborhood yard sale Sat., Sept. 28 from 9 am -5 pm.  DaVinci will be the hub and will have spots available on their blacktop near the playground; or you can host your sale at your house. There is a $3 upfront charge to participate to purchase Oregonian ad and to print maps (leftover money will be donated to DaVinci). Contact for further information.


Neighborhood Notes Kerns Sept 13

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