Neighborhood Notes Mt. Tabor

By Kate Mitchell


The Mt. Tabor Neighborhood Association adopted a policy position on the city’s open reservoirs, three of which are in Mt. Tabor Park:

MTNA has been and continues to be a vocal advocate for maintaining our open reservoirs because they are integral to providing clean, affordable water.  Massively expensive LT2 mandates offering no new public health benefits are not an efficient use of public funds.

MTNA vigorously supports a number of LT2 compliance options that would allow Portland to keep our existing open reservoirs and we continue to advocate for those options (even if the City Council and Mayor fail to exercise them),

The MTNA asserts the “what goes on top” discussion is premature at this time.

The MTNA spokesperson on reservoir issues is Stephanie Stewart

Vic Remmers from Everett Custom Homes spoke about a proposal to divide the lot at 5830 SE Taylor St. into two properties. He reported the initial mailing that went out regarding the division of the lot showed incorrect placement of the house to be built on the new lot. In reality the house would be placed further back from the road. The entire property including the house is designated historic. Neighbors questioned the style, size and placement of the house.

A  heritage tree adjacent to the property at 5810 Taylor will need to be protected during excavation and construction.  Midge Pierce read a resolution drafted by the neighbors asking the developer to agree to a citizen review of the process of development on the lot. Stephanie Stewart proposed and the developer agreed to future meetings with interested neighbors and the developer. The developer’s website is

Kate Mitchell gave an update on the entryway garden at Hawthorne and 50th. There will be a planting party Dec 7 during which some of the existing plants will be pruned back or removed and new plants will be added. MTNA is responsible for the upkeep of the garden.

The next meeting will be Wednesday, January 15, at 7 pm at Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church at SE 54th and Belmont, with a social time starting 6:50 pm. There’s no December meeting.
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Neighborhood Notes Mt. Tabor

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