Jim O’Neal has published his first book, Farewell to Hot Water, with The People’s Ink independent writers’ community here.

abookThe book is a wild jaunt featuring Seth, local family man, social worker, conscious citizen and survivalist, who, when a big storm flattens his home, takes to flight in the hills surrounding Mt. Hood.

Fortunately Seth, his wife and daughter are prepared for this event with ready-to-go backpacks full of survival gear and maps of the forest terrain. They’re out of town before they even know the extent of the damages Portland’s incurred.

When the dust settles and it looks like it isn’t the total apocalypse, Seth’s wife and daughter head back to civilization while Seth continues his journey both internally and externally in the forests around Mt. Hood.

Farewell to Hot Water has several themes weaving through the story. There’s the question of man’s responsibility in climate change; the effect of long term pollution on children; the ever-increasing homeless problem and also a little bit of magic in the mix.

O’Neal is able to spin the story towards hope rather than despair in spite of the tragedy of the occurences.

He tries to walk the talk and maintain a fairly small footprint on the planet in his personal life too. He has researched survival in the north woods and, although he wouldn’t consider himself an expert, he knows it can be done.

According to the author, The People’s Ink was instrumental in the completion and publication of his book. With over 50 active members writing in a variety of styles and genres. the business is working on a literary e-journal to publish short works. NT


Farewell to Hot Water is available at www.jim-neal.com and at independent bookstores and as an e-book on Amazon. 

The publisher’s website is www.peoples-ink.com.