Claudia Schmidt returns

Minnesota’s Claudia Schmidt returns to Portland’s hallowed Clinton Street Theatre, 2522 SE Clinton St. Saturday April 12 beginning at 7 pm. Her just released album, New Whirled Order, reunites Schmidt with her former record label, Red House Records.

With a dazzling multi-octave voice, well-honed storytelling chops and a sense of humor like no one else’s, her concerts are a pleasure and treasure. She’s a gifted songwriter, an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, and at least according to one fan “a shaper of space and time.”

aClaudiaSchmidtSchmidt was selling out large theaters and touring incessantly but, left the music business to open a bed and breakfast with her husband on a small island in the middle of Lake Michigan. She kept music as a close companion, leaving for short tours during this period and eventually Claudia returned to recording and touring fulltime and moved to Minneapolis, MN. That began a new blossoming chapter. She even recorded her first-ever polka “Strong Woman Has a Bad Day” on her new disc!

An artist of deep feeling and exhilarating talent, Schmidt’s poetry and playful humor make her an unforgettable and formidable live performer.

“The best thing is a live concert, energies mingling, that arc of connection, the common space and experience,” she says.  “I feel profoundly lucky to have spent so much of my life in that environment.”

Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 night of show. 503.238.5508.


Claudia Schmidt returns

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