Welcome to the New SE District Liaison

The new SE District Liaison with the District Planning team is Portland native Marty Stockton.

Marty Stockton
Marty Stockton

Stockton’s job is to be the liaison between people’s ideas about land use and the City’s. She holds the position Matt Wickstrom previously held in the district spanning the Willamette River to the I-205 freeway, and from I-84 to Portland’s southern border.

Stockton’s roots go deep in SE Portland. Her great-grandfather came from Germany, and was a glazier that made windows for many Portland Public Schools built in the 20s, 30s, and 40s. Her family leased a garden plot in Ladd’s Addition where she would walk with her brother to the Ladd’s Circle store.

Working as a planner for the City of Portland at BPS and the Bureau of Development Services since 2006, her commitment to communities previously underserved was recognized in 2012 and 2013 by the Office of Equity and Human Rights’ Program with a “We Are Portland” award for engaging newcomer communities.

The eastside of Portland has been undergoing many significant changes. All the new multi-use  apartment buildings on transit corridors has been the vision of the Comp Plan for years.

Stockton said, “It is really important to identify and preserve the multiple layers of architect in certain areas.”

Mixed-used corridors like Division St. are being studied to better understand how livability factors into zoning and design. Some of the current completely legal building designs cut off solar access to neighboring houses, remove parking and don’t fit in with the character of the neighborhood.

“We have received the message about size, parking and design loud and clear from the people and we are trying to remedy this,” she said. The Comp Plan is not finished and that’s where zoning code changes will occur. Until then there’s not much anyone can do but discuss how better to move forward.

Stockton feels this position is her opportunity to carry on the legacy her great grandfather began in the 20s building windows for the schools. Her legacy and commitment to the people of Portland is to build community partnerships that have the communities best interest at heart. NT


To reach Marty Stockton, call 503.823.2041 or email marty.stockton@portlandoregon.gov.

Welcome to the New SE District Liaison

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