Hawthorne Business News June 14

HBBA Pres.: Cassie Ridgeway


Meetings: Second Wed. at 8 am

Fred Meyer, SE Cesar Chavez Blvd & Hawthorne 503.775.7633 



Parade Magazine is requesting nominees for the best Main Streets in the USA.  Following is this writer’s 200 words:

“The City of Portland has many vibrant streets which serve as THE Main Street for the nearby neighbors and which also draw visitors from around the City.  Hawthorne Boulevard, however, was one of the first with a “Booster Club”, was part of the National Main Street program in the mid-eighties and continues its tradition of Street Fairs and other community entertainments to this day.  For the Soccer World Cup there will be nine businesses hosting “Kick, Kick, Score” events on August 3rd, followed by the Hawthorne Street Fair on August 17th.

Led by members and volunteers of the Hawthorne Boulevard Business Association, the Sustainable Southeast Committee recently published its second Sustainable Southeast Map sponsored by supporters and showing the many businesses that are already certified.

The Boulevard has long been home to the businesses that neighbors need and want to be able to walk to: coffee shops, cleaners, music and grocery stores, medical and vibrant health-related services, art and artists, new mother/baby/toy stores, gift stores from across the planet, restaurants, cafes, comic book and yarn shops, auto repair, comedy, theater and music venues, financial services and more – owned by men and women from many cultures.”

To tell us why you appreciate the Hawthorne District,  join us at Facebook at Hawthorne Boulevard Business Association.

For more information about “Kick, Kick, Score” go to http://www.kickkickscore.com. You’ll also be able to connect through thinkhawthorne.com.

Thank you to our article sponsors, Hawthorne Vision Center and the SE Examiner and to our 2014 Benefactors to date: US Bank and New Seasons Market.

























Hawthorne Business News June 14

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