Adult Soap Box Derby

In 1914 the motion picture Kid Auto Races at Venice starring Charlie Chaplin was shown in the cinemas. Whether it inspired the first soap box derby in 1933 is not certain but one thing is for sure Charlie Chaplin would love to have been hamming it up at Portland’s PDX Adult Soap Box Derby.

This year’s Soap Box races take place Saturday, August 16 from 10 am – 4 pm and is free to attend.

This will mark the 18th Soap Box on Mt. Tabor Park,  the extinct volcano nestled in the heart of Portland.

Kevin Robinson is this year’s director taking over the position Mark Hunter held for the past seven years.

It’s a wonderful place for a picnic. While you’re there remember that there is ongoing habitat restoration in the park. Please stay on trails and sit only in designated areas.

There will be 90+ volunteers and 42 racers competing in arts, science and speed.

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Adult Soap Box Derby

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